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My First Album!!!

Posted on August 21, 2016 at 9:15 PM


Hey Y'all! I know it's been a while since I posted. I've been super busy between work, babysitting, school work....and I finally finished enough songs to get them recorded! I am in the process of recording my first album! It started out as an untitled five song cd, but I kind of stumbled across a perfect title...I loved it so much, I wished I had a song by the same, I went to work! Now I have my sixth song and it will be the title of the album!


In case your interested, I'll try to share a little background of each of my songs.


1. Perfect Cowboy-- My mom and my guitar teacher both told me I should try writing a I figured I better try! I had no idea where to start as far as lyrics...but I did have a tune in my mind. My mom suggested I should write a song about what my perfect cowboy would be like. We talked about the topic. Soon the song started to grow. Anyhow, the basic theme is that to be perfect for someone does not mean you have to fit into "Hollywood's" image of perfection.


2. Bless His Heart--This was my second song. Again I had a tune in my head but I couldn't think of a song for the music. One day my mom came home and laughing she said something like, "You should write a country song about one of the most popular southern phrases." At which time we both said, "Bless his heart!" The title soon turned into a song. The song is about how shallow some people they use "little white lies and phony little lines" to try to get their way.


3. Tell Me Why--I guess song kind of came from watching and seeing guys trying to hide their lies to try to impress a girl. The song turned into a "cheating" song...which wasn't the original plan, but it works!


4. Long Dirt Road--This song first was born from a conversation I was having. Someone asked me what would I want to write my next song about. My response, "My cowboy boots!" The thought of I love my cowboy boots turned into more-or-less a story of my years growing up on a long dirt road.


5. Hey Guys--This song is kind of the flipside of "Tell Me Why." I have talked with some guys who had been hurt by girls. So I got to thinking about guys getting hurt, too. This song is an apology for all the nasty women out there mistreating good guys.


Last but not least...the sixth song and title of the album is....

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